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on Tue, 12/01/2015 - 17:36

The Project is a collection of software for sharing and viewing private content through social media without actually giving the content to the social media site. Making the software easy to use is very important for our project, so one of the most important tasks for our GCI is providing usability feedback. Since several of our GCI tasks ask you to write about your "first use" of Privly, we want you to use the system before reading our project materials. This will help you perform several tasks in a more realistic “first use” scenario.

We have several tasks that an unlimited number of students can complete and are designed to provide a potential way for you to build skills for our more complex coding tasks. Equally important are our non-coding tasks for graphic design, research, and writing. Please feel free to crawl our task list or contact us!

If you are not going to complete the “first use” tasks, you can learn more about the Project at the following locations: