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Operation: Improve The Docs

on Sun, 02/09/2014 - 23:54

Over the past weekend, I was at a Privacy Enhancing Technologies retreat where 8 current and future Privly contributors came together to hack.

It was pretty

First things first. Let's talk about how pretty it was. Beautifully decorated home, on a reservoir lake, near a river, with a beautiful walking trail.

Privly Retreat Scenery   More Privly Retreat Scenery

Operation: Improve The Docs

We actually did a ton of work amongst the beauty. _Alice_ (that's their IRC nick) and myself worked diligently on improving the How To Get Started documentation.

There is so much to work on with Privly; why did we decide to work on this documentation? The folks at OpenHatch recently ran an Open Source Comes to Campus event. The participants tried to work on Privly. According to this blog post, the participants had a really hard time. We took this as a call to action to improve our documentation. Our goal is to make Privly accessible for people to contribute to, and we hope we made a small step in that direction this weekend.


  1. We edited almost every single part of the How to Get Started documentation. We opened about 25 issues against the documentation and closed almost all of them.
  2. We tried to make the distinction between and more clear. We changed the page to include a link to the How To Get Started documentation. We included a link to on

What's next?

  1. We need YOUR help testing the documentation. Give it a try and let us know how it goes! You can catch us on IRC or file a github issue with suggestions for improvements.
  2. There are a few missing pieces of documentation we'll be working on. Mainly, we need to write documentation on how we review/accept contributions, and documentation on how to write tests for Privly.
  3. We plan to make this site prettier. We've decided on a super awesome theme and soon I will become a Drupal Theming Master!