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New Experimental Application: SplitImage

on Fri, 05/23/2014 - 00:41

Today I added an experimental Privly Application, "SplitImage," that encrypts and decrypts images in the browser without ever sending the decrypted image to a third party. You can see the SplitImage app at work in the two screen captures below. In the first image you see an image of the Lincoln Memorial injected into the context of a Google Chat application. This image was decrypted in the client using AES256, which is a strong symmetric key cipher. Without actively attacking their users, Google is unable to see this image.

SplitImage Inside Gchat Screen Capture

The app converts and interacts with images in an encoded text format. This made it easy to hook the app into the ZeroBin library for encryption, but the same application is easily adapted to other cryptosystems. We will be able to plug this app into PGP and OTR. Additionally, the same approach will work for other file types like audio, video, and generalized attachments.

Development on the application is ongoing in the experimental-SplitImage branch. Pull requests welcome.

SplitImage Application Screen Capture